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In the Press

Bitcoin's popularity is rapidly growing all across the globe.

  • "The virtual currency Bitcoin is growing in popularity and some are even calling it the future of money."
    BBC Business News
  • "If bitcoins become the dominant currency in some small niche of the world economy - that is, those people who do not want their transactions easily tracked or who want to send money back home from abroad - then they will become quite valuable indeed."
    The New York Times
  • "Trading in the digital money called Bitcoin has surged more than 300% in the past year to roughly 60,000 transactions per day."
    The Wallstreet Journal
  • “Bitcoin is controversial because the currency can be exchanged anonymously online -- it is in a sense the digital equivalent of using hard cash”
    FOX News
  • “Governments couldn't debase it. Banks couldn't blow it. This was currency for a posttrust world.”
    TIME Magazine